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(PHP) is a scripting language CRAM Programmers use to develop an effective, database driven, ecommerce websites. It was originally developed in 1994 and is now implemented and produced by The PHP Group. It is considered free software and is available for users to build, customize and extend for their own use. PHP technology has evolved to become the fourth most popular programming language used in web development. We use PHP technology in many of the programs and tools we use to service our clients each and every day. Additionally, several of our partners programs are developed using PHP. CRAM Technology has the best team of experts working as PHP Programmers and PHP Developers, working round the clock and being available anytime for our clients. We develop expertise in providing software solutions by using MVC framework, PHP/Smarty, Core PHP and Cake PHP.

Additionally our programmers have been able to utilize PHP to develop standalone graphical applications to serve our clients’ needs.