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Motivation?Its Right Inside You
by cram

Posted on September 2 2015

Healthy environment leads to healthy mind, healthy mind leads to healthy soul and healthy environment is the result of good souls around, all are interconnected to each other in such a way that each is dependent on other. Environment affect the souls directly, hence healthy environment is the prior need of every corporate world.

Healthy environment can be maintained by having a good relation in the hierarchy of the organization even between the colleagues. Every person needs motivation, motivation to work, motivation to move ahead, motivation to work better, motivation to improve, motivation to think “big”. A company will be good for its employees, the people with which it interacts and customers only if they will be mentally satisfied and this will happen only we become the color of their lives without fading away.

Motivation appears in the forms of reward, guidance, appreciation from others. Tree speak motivate people connected to the CRAM by broadcasting their achievements and inspiring stories from all over the world, inspiring thoughts, motivational speeches etc. Tree speak spreads the positivity in the people around the cram technologies.

Following the great thoughts followed by the achievements and quotes by our senior as well as the fresher’s. Let’s be little different, let’s get little time to enhance our inner beauty, let’s have little time to inspire and appreciate others .World is deep as ocean with the immense diversities of talent, stories, thoughts; whereas treespeak is a pitcher filled with the thoughts of this ocean .Positivity is the essence which spreads in all directions and lingers between the people around.

 “All Birds find shelter during a rain. But Eagle avoids rain by flying above the Clouds.” - A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

We should try to avoid problems in our lives by generating a solution that it becomes usable for all the people going through the similar problem. Let’s not hide from the winds, let’s take a path towards success against the winds. Setting up the example if not for the world, for the people among which we live. If you don’t have the huge impact, be a little effort for the change. Change is the law of nature; let’s change the definition of the word “change” to “positive and omnipresent change”

CRAM organized award ceremony for the fresher’s for their work on the projects and coordination with the senior members. CRAM awarded Mr A.K Narayan for the completion of his 10 yrs of service in cram technology.