Mr. Amit Chauhan,Management Director

Mr. Amit Chauhan is the Managing Director of CRAM TECHNOLOGY. 

Prior to joining CRAM TECHNOLOGY, Mr. Amit Chauhan was an integral and indispensable part of Samsung Electronics, Gurgaon. Before joining CRAM TECHNOLOGY, Mr. ABC was the Senior General Manager, ZTE, Gurgaon in Market Risk Division. He has over 19 years of work experience in Samsung and ZTE. Further, he has been also the senior most members on Boards of various entities in the financial space.

Mr. Amit Chauhan joined CRAM TECHNOLOGY in 2008, with a strong background in Sales and Marketing. Mr. Amit Chauhan was a part of the team that launched the company to its peak heights by providing customer savy solutions and later he was also responsible for the CRAM’s risk management decisions. Under his leadership CRAM emerged as one of the leading players in INDIAN Software solutions providers. 

As the Executive Director of CRAM TECHNOLOGY he was responsible for providing leadership to the “Service Delivery Center” with varied functions such as Technology, Central Operations, Branch Services, and Marketing in driving the organizations objectives of quality growth, profitability and market leadership.