Mr. Prashant Duggal,Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Prashant Duggal is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CRAM TECHNOLOGY.

Responsible for formulating and executing the company’s global strategy, Mr. Prashant Duggal has been at helm of several key strategic transitions at CRAM since 2007 when he took over the role as head of global sales. In his previous role as Chief Operating Officer, he was the architect of the new organizational structure unveiled in 2008, which created multiple agile business units focusing on domains and markets as well as built strategic business units in order to pursue new initiatives with the ability to invest, develop and mature new ideas. .

Mr. Prashant Duggal has also driven the domain diversification drive that has seen the company enter new verticals like media and information services as well as high-tech solution services. All of these have matured into sizeable businesses under his mentorship and guidance. Mr. Prashant Duggal personifies CRAM as commitment to customer satisfaction and high quality of deliverables. Through his experience in a variety of operating roles across CRAM, he has built a reputation in the IT services industry for his exceptional ability to build and grow new businesses and nurture long-term relationships. He has also been a champion of software and business quality for the industry.

Prior to joining Cram Technology Dr. Prashant is having a total 22 years’ experience as a Program Manager with TCS then Vice President at Genpact, leading in the field of his expertise and driving innovation throughout the country. His work for Cram is admirable as he has accelerated the development process and did many amendments in the policy and protocols of the company for the betterment of client organizations.